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Ad Spend


Pre-paid advertising funds deposited to your account and used towards your campaign of choice. Includes campaign management & reporting.

Advanced Media Creation


Advanced media creation for items such as Case Studies, eBooks, How To / eGuides, Whitepapers, Infographics, Slideshows, Google Drive Items. Priced hourly.

Audio Creation


High definition voice over audio file creation. Requires a previously written script. Priced per 15 seconds of audio.

Automation Management


Monthly managed marketing automation services. Includes ongoing management of campaigns as required as well as the development of further content if required. Priced at an hourly rate and billed monthly.

Campaign Management & Reporting


Ongoing optimization, management and maintenance of digital advertising campaigns. Billed at 0.15 per dollar of ad spend or 15% of your pre-paid ad spend budget.

Campaign Setup


Services rendered related to the researching and setup of programmatic advertising campaigns. Billed for each campaign we setup.

Content Posting


Service fees for the posting of supplied content to a CMS blog. Priced per post and includes conversion to HTML.

Curated Blog Posting


Done for you manual content curation blog posting. Includes original content selection, proper citation and posting to one web property. Priced per 100 words.