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Landing pages are specific pages on your website targeted towards specific topics or specific interests. These pages may or may not even be linked to your actual website. They may be posted on the same server as your website and running off the same domain as your website but they may not look anything like your website. Landing page optimization is specifically designed to help with conversions and chances are that the least optimized pages on your website are your landing pages.

Landing page optimization is a service we provide with the intent of marketing a specific offer, topic or temporary deal. These pages may not be pages that you necessarily want to rank on search engines however landing pages can be a part of your site. They can be ranked organically on search engines and these pages should also be optimized for conversions. We will produce landing pages for your business that are not only search engine optimized but also optimized for conversions.

Landing Page Optimization Services Include

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    Data Analysis

    Complete analysis of all historical user data to look for patterns and trends. Our expert analysis informs us as to what has been working and what has not been working. We compare pages that convert to ones that don’t.

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    Call To Actions

    The primary button, link or other user interface element that asks the user to take an action that leads to (or towards) a conversion. Our landing page optimization services make sure that all of your webpages include an appropriate call to action.

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    Conversion Funneling

    A conversion funnel is the primary pathway which a visitor takes to complete a conversion. Customers dont convert well during long checkout processes like filling in forms they do not feel are necessary. Most of them will withdraw along the way so let us shorten this conversion funnel as much as possible.

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    Split Testing

    The testing of one version of a page or interface element against another version of the same thing. Each element is measured by its effectiveness in comparison to the other. We continue split testing your website until statistical significance is reached.

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    Multivariate Testing

    The testing of multiple variations of many different page elements in various combinations to determine the best performing elements and combinations. Our multivariate landing test may test many variations of the pictures, copywriting and calls to action used on the page to find the best performer.

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    KPI Accountability

    KPI stands for ‘Key performance Indicator’ and it is a metric we use to determine how you are performing against your business objectives. We take into account things like visits, pageviews, revenue, bounce rate, conversion rate to determine a course of action.

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    Hypothesis Generation

    A solid test hypothesis goes a long way in keeping you on the right track and ensuring that you’re conducting valuable marketing experiments that generate lifts in earnings. Our past experience allows us to make quality assumptions to begin testing until we no longer need assumptions and know exactly what will work for your website.

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    One of the best ways to improve conversions on a page is by providing your customers with a sense that your business is active and that your previous clients are happy. There are many ways to incorporate testimonials and social widgets to elevate your credibility in the eyes of a visitor.

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    Responsive Development

    How responsive a website design is can make or break your success. If your site does not load well or has compatibility issues then you can expect a low conversion rate. We are experts in optimizing websites for compatibility across all devices.

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    Part of having a good converting website is having quality content that is relevant to readers and persuasive. We make changes to the content of your webpages and then test these changes against historical data to discover what works best.

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    Site Speed

    The loading speed of your pages are an important aspect of landing page optimization and can make or break a conversion. Slow websites create doubt in the eyes of your visitors and could potentially make them think twice about whether they should be giving you their business.

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    Constant Improvement

    Conversion rate optimization is a never ending process that is subject to continuous improvement with a commitment to maximizing the value of every visit your website receives. The longer we run tests for the more conversion growth you can expect.

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