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There is nothing worse than having a beautiful website that isn’t being found by its intended audience. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a technical process by which strategies are utilized to improve your website’s visibility on search engines such as Google. A good SEO strategy ensures that your website ranks highly on organic search results pages for your target keywords and attracts the kind of traffic it deserves.

Is your website more visible than your competitors? Are you showing up higher on search results or are they? Our search engine optimization services work to improve your rankings and get ahead of the competition. If your website does not pop up in the top three search results for critical keywords and phrases then there is a lot of money being left on the table for your competitors to cash in on. So don’t miss out on free advertising and let us work with you to control how your business is dictated on search results.

A Four Stage SEO Strategy That Works!


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All SEO projects begin with a deep analysis of your business and your competition. We use tools and historical data to compile as much data as we can to put together a custom strategy that works for your specific business needs.


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Once we have analyzed enough data we get work on your on-page optimization doing things like meta optimization and code optimization. This stage ensures that your webpage is attractive to web crawlers and responsive to visitors.


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Before we can get out there and promote your domain we will need to develop quality content that is both useful and relevant to your target market. This includes the development of quality webpages and inbound content.


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At this stage we are ready to promote your website to search engines using many tactics which include link building, link baiting, sharing, inbound content, social media, directory submissions etc. This stage is where the results really kick in.

SEO Tactics That Get Results!

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    Website Audits

    All of our search engine optimization services begin with a deep analysis of your website as well as your competitors. After taking time to analyze and understand your business we will create a strategy that works toward your goals.

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    Link Development

    Links demonstrate a site’s popularity. When search engine spiders find a site with lots of other sites pointing to it, they conclude that the site provides quality information that it should be rewarded with higher rankings.

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    Backlink Audits

    To beat your competitors on search results we need to create a link portfolio for that competitor This allows us to know exactly how many backlinks they have and where they are located across the internet so we can strategically build links where they are and where they are not.

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    Link Removal

    Sometimes links are built that have a negative impact on your websites credibility. A few og these toxic links can be devastating to a website and must be removed. We have methods in place to seek out the removal of these links.

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    Keyword Research

    Before we go forward with any SEO efforts we work together with our clients to compile a list of potential keywords they are interested in. We then take this list and further refine it using historical data and specialized software until we are confident with the selection.

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    Meta Data Optimization

    Web crawlers are not humans and they do not see what we see when they visit a webpage. Specific meta data is used to help web spiders understand what a page is all about and we specialize in optimizing these tags to improve search engine rankings.

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    Directory Submissions

    Online directories are very important as these are places that web crawlers go looking for new websites to crawl. We ping hundreds of these directories over time so that these spiders are constantly crawling your site looking for new information.

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    URL Re-Writing

    Most websites are build using a messy URL structure that is not keyword rich and confusing to search engine spiders. We always perform URL checks on all of our client’s websites and make any necessary adjustments so that these pages become more relevant.

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    Code Optimization

    Some websites are constructed using too much code. Too much unnecessary coding will slow down the loading time of your webpage and cause responsive issues for users. Web crawlers hate his and we make sure your code is clean and optimized.

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    Part of having a well optimized website is having quality content that is relevant to readers and is related to the keywords you are targeting. We specialize in creating quality written content that is keyword dense and optimized.

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    White Hat Tactics

    Gone are the days when webmasters could get away with shady methods of optimization. Search engines have gotten wiser and these old black hat techniques will only hurt your rankings. We only use white hat tactics which will never hurt your rankings.

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    It is not good enough for your content to only be displayed at one place at a time. We create content feed using tools like rss and social media so that your content is spread across the internet and shared among your targeted audience.

Invest in Your Online Presence

A proper SEO strategy is an investment that delivers a high return for every dollar invested and never stops working to drive in traffic. Search engine optimization has been compared to such investments like real estate as it has proven time and time again to be one of the most cost-effective forms of online marketing. If you’re SEO strategy is done correctly your website can potentially stay at the top of search results for years without spending any money. SEO is a crucial ingredient for any company’s marketing mix as it dictates how your business will be featured on search results. Lifting your ranking to the top three spots of the search results page will provide a massive return on a modest investment as it increases your sales without proportionately increasing your marketing costs.


Search engines are king when it comes to pulling in prospects and posting conversions. If more than half of website traffic comes from search engines then it is safe to say that search engine optimization is at the heart of your online business. And let’s face it these days everybody googles everything first and if you’re ranked right at the top it goes along way in boosting your credibility. The momentum we create will sustain for many weeks or many years making SEO very cost-efficient and a wise marketing choice. Many other forms of online marketing are based on interrupting a prospect with some kind of sales pitch. Search engine optimization is different because it is aligned with the intent of the searcher. He or she is already interested in what you have to offer you are just right there at the right time with the right information.